• R & D


By projecting its product design, development, testing and verification facilities and capabilities,
Erdem Makina reveals its strength in R&D activities.  

Our company invests in R&D and innovation with its engineers, technical staff and corporation with universities every year. Our company cares about innovation and accordingly realizes innovation with its customers, suppliers and all stakeholders. Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects of the machines, which we have manufactured since 2007, have been made and successfully completed.

In addition to the R&D projects carried out utilizing its equity, Erdem Makina has been deemed worthy to be supported by nearly 10 projects completed by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - Department of Technology and Innovation Support Programs). We will continue to create value, work and produce more for our country by moving forward to become a leading R&D Center producing know-how where scientific knowledge is transformed into commercial products.


Our dosing aluminum holding furnace project is the latest level of today's aluminum holding furnace technology.

3 most important features of this project are:

1- It is a hybrid furnace. It carries both the features of keeping the liquid metal hot and conveying it into the mould. It eliminates the need for human and/or robot between the furnace and the machine. It is extremely safe in this sense.
2- It provides minimum energy consumption thanks to its fully closed - leak proof design.
3- As it is closed to external effects, thermal fluctuation goes down to +/-1 degree interval and it conveys the metal more cleanly.
In today's competitive conditions; production of faulty parts, which create costs for aluminum foundries, also provides an extreme ease of use by carrying high energy consumption to the highest level.