Information of casting robots

The casting robots we produce are at the latest level of today's technology.

Casting robots boast a versatile solutions for the challenges confronting automation. They help to ensure process repeatability, reduce variability, improve quality and lower costs.

Linear Casting robots are mainly used for sorting, palletizing, assembly processes, packaging solutions, pick and place solutions.

Erdem Makina produces aluminum ovens with its expert staff in aluminum industry, aluminum foundries and continues to offer solutions for recycling facilities.

As a producer of aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum holding furnaces, casting robots, Erdem Makina is living the rightful pride of being one of the leading successful companies in the industry by caring for the needs of its customers and producing quality products from the past to the present. 

Casting robots provide a speed increase of up to 30% with their positive effect on casting quality.

Automatic Casting Robots (EMT - 07)

Thanks to the targeted learning program, a robot has been created that every operator can use in the linear type casting ladle.

- Increase productivity - Reduce manual errors - Improve efficiency and accuracy - Prevent injuries - Streamline manual and monotonous process

Erdem Makina produces high technology casting robots. In addition, thanks to the program that learns the casting robots we produce, every operator can use it.

Thanks to the targeted learner program in the linear type casting bucket, a robot has been created that every operator can use.

All movements in casting robots are in encoder method. Features include PLC controlled, speed control, Turkish menu, 100 pattern memory, learning with position information memory key, 1% casting precision.

Casting Robots

You can contact us for your needs of casting robots used in aluminum foundries.

Machine Range 300-3000 tons, Bucket capacity 0.1-22 kg, 7 inch color screen are some of the technical features of the casting robots.

Erdem Makina; It demonstrates its strength in R&D activities by projecting development, testing and verification possibilities and capabilities in casting robots.

You can look at the casting robots and Aluminum Injection Robots that we produce with the latest technology and modern designs from our site.