Aluminum Furnaces are produced for you to become the best in your industry

Aluminum Furnaces are produced for you to become the best in your industry. 

Aluminum Furnaces minimize energy consumption and burning losses. Aluminum Furnaces are indispensable for aluminum foundry and recycling facilities.

Our main goal is to be a worldwide successful and sought-after brand that creates value for our customers with our solutions, reliability we ensure with our after-sales services, and high technology in Aluminum Furnace production.

Aluminum Furnaces are indispensable to foundries and recycling facilities with their advanced design, quality refractory application and minimal wear. These furnaces have been able to gain the appreciation of our users for many years with minimum energy losses and long lifetime. 

With low energy consumption and combustion loss, quality refractory application and minimum wearing; TUR TYPE Aluminum Furnaces (Melting and Holding) offer unique advantages in foundries and recycling processes for efficient production.

For this purpose, it is necessary to intensify the labor-intensive structure of the industry with automation and Aluminum Furnaces.

Erdem Makina is an organization specialized in Aluminum casting systems with its trained and expert staff, produces various automation machines for foundries, and also provides training and consultancy services in this regard.

The most important two issues are making the increasing number of Aluminum casting plants of today to compete with the worldwide values and making the industry preferable by the necessary educated workforce.

Aluminum Furnaces : For this purpose, it is necessary to intensify the labor-intensive structure of the industry. Our company has adopted the principle of establishing a modern Aluminum casting facility with domestic resources and engineering, providing necessary operation and service support in the production of casting robots, eliminating the existing inefficiency and poor quality, and ensuring establishment of profitable facilities.

Erdem machine is a company developing in line with its vision and meeting the customer expectations by using the highest technologies of the age that offers its services in accordance with the national and international product terms and customer expectations.

Erdem machine; produces aluminum ovens with its expert staff in aluminum industry, aluminum foundries and continues to offer solutions for recycling facilities.

As a producer of aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum holding furnaces, casting robots, Erdem Machine is living the rightful pride of being one of the leading successful companies in the industry by caring for the needs of its customers and producing quality products from the past to the present.

Erdem Machine; It continues its activities with its innovative approach, modern designs and advanced technology in aluminum melting furnaces and casting robots.

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